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The shop is where you can buy items with the premium currency (Gold), buy some Gold with real money OR complete offers to get Gold. The packs / items you can buy are as follows (from left to right):

Event Packs

  • Different kinds of events will contain different items in each pack but each event has at least 2 packs up for sale. The items in each pack mainly include Large Gas Tanks & Nitrous Tanks. Some include tickets for that event, Enhancement Kits (highest level typically) and even an avatar possibly. The prices vary but can be expensive.

Large Gas Tanks

  • The Large Gas Tanks can be bought 2 different ways: A set of 10 tanks (750 Gold) or a single tank (75 Gold). The 10 set grants an extra tank for free so it's wise to buy the full set if you have 750 Gold or more.

Nitrous Tanks

  • Nitrous Tanks can be bought the same way as Large Gas Tanks but are more expensive. They can be bought 2 different ways: A set of 30 Nitrous Tanks (1000 Gold) or a set of 3 Nitrous Tanks (100 Gold). The 30 set grants 10 extra Nitrous Tanks for free but Nitrous Tanks can be consumed very quickly so exercise caution when buying these.

Part Installation Ticket

  • Part Installation Tickets are used to speed up the time taken to install any parts onto a car. You are limited to buying 10 every month and it only costs 10 Gold to purchase (the original price is 50 Gold).

Enhancement Kits (03)

  • Type 3 Enhancement Kits are the strongest Type you can buy from the Shop and they dramatically increase a part's level. A set of 5 can be bought for 500 Gold but only 10 sets can be bought each month (totaling up to 50 Enhancement Kits (03) each month).

The highest Type Kit is a Type 5 Enhancement Kit