Welcome to the Drift Spirits Wikia. Here are the set of rules that we all follow on the wikia and we hope you can follow these rules so everything runs smoothly on the Wikia.

Adding Photos

When you upload photos of cars or anything else, please locate another picture that has been used in a similar field so you know how to crop and present the picture.

  • When uploading a picture please name it appropriately.
    • Car model: R35.png or Nissanr35.png
    • Rims: F2B.png or RaysF2B.png

Editing Pages

When you are editing a page, please make sure the info that you are inputting is relevant to the topic (putting info about parts in car pages is NOT RELEVANT!) and also make sure the info is currently in the game. Since there is a Japanese Version of the the game that is ahead of the International Version, please make sure that the info you are inputing is from the International version. Please note that all information on the wikia will be from the International Version.

UPDATE: The Japanese Version is the current version. Make sure you input correct information from that version. Any information from the International Version will be kept on the Wikia


Any kind of profanity is not accepted on the Wikia in any way. Since the game is rated PG 13+ this wikia is also rated the same, so any swearing is not permitted. If any swearing is seen on the wikia an admin will contact you and warn you once. If any pornograpgic content on any sort is found on the wikia, the user that posts this will be permanently banned from the wikia.

  • Actions Taken
    • First offence: Warning (no action taken)
    • Secondary offence: 2 hour ban
    • Third Offence: 1 Month ban
    • Final offence: Permanatley banned

If you wish to be unbanned, you MUST appeal your case to one of the admins. The admin you appeal to will examine your reasons for being banned and determine if you should be unbanned.

If you are unbanned and you commit ANOTHER offence, you will be permanently banned, no questions asked, with no way of being unbanned