There are two kinds of leaderboards that reward players weekly. The event based leaderboard resets nearly every week for new events that come, the other stays the same and can be nicknamed as a "global leaderboard".

Event leaderboards

On a weekly basis a special event is held in which players are rewarded with certain items depending on their ranking at the end of the event. Most of the time you rank up by earning points from races participated, winning grants you more points. The only exception is time trial events in which the objective is to do the best time on the chosen course. Usually time trial events last less than normal racing events.

Versus leaderboards

Versus leaderboards also functions on a point system, except these points are named RP. However this leaderboard is split into four classes: D, C, B, A. In the Japanese version the highest rank is "S".

Player on grade 2 of class C

A new player starts at class D and depending on how many RP points he earns that week he may or may not be promoted to next class. The opposite may also happen, if he doesn't score enough to stay in the class he will be demoted. This happens across all classes, to be promoted you need to be top 20% of the class and you'll be demoted if you are bottom 20% of the class. The only exceptions are that you can't be demoted from D nor promoted from S.

Also depending on your ranking that week, different rewards will be given. You can quickly see your possible rewards next to the grade-o-meter. The players are split into 5 grades:

Results and rewards of previous week

  1. Grade 1: Top 5% of the class
  2. Grade 2: Top 6% ~ 10% of the class
  3. Grade 3: Top 11% ~ 20% of the class
  4. Grade 4: Top 21% ~ 50% of the class
  5. Grade 5: The rest of the class

Pressing the Ranking List button will show you the current top players in the class and your ranking in it. Pressing the Ranking Rewards button will show the rewards you'll get in your class depending on your grade. Pressing the Previous Ranking button will show the statistics from last week. Pressing the Friends Ranking button will show where you rank in your friends list currently.