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Drift Spirits (ドリフトスピリッツ) is a mobile game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. available for Android and iOS devices released for the Japanese and Worldwide market. The Japanese version is possible to play worldwide by bypassing the country restricted download. The game is inspired by the popular manga/anime Initial D where the player takes part in the drift racing scene on the tōges of Japan.

  • Last English version released was 2.1.2 (Android) & 2.1.0 (iOS) [Shutdown early 2016]

This wiki contains all the info you need to know for how to get started and progress in the Drift Spirits JP. Do not worry about not knowing Japanese, it's not that important for this game's progression. New users start with How to Install --> How to Play --> User interface --> Backing up your account. Any other info you need should be found via the drop down menus and the Wiki search.

If you're looking for more personal assistance or to discuss about the game with other people, feel free to join our facebook group and Discord Server.

Please remember to save your transfer information somewhere safe!!!

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