Coins Coins are used when combining cars or upgrading parts. You can get Coins by simply doing races. Coins can also be obtained through daily events.
CP CP Or Car Points are used to order cars and parts from the Dealership. Car Points are obtained the same way as coins, from doing races.
Gold Gold is the premium currency in Drift Spirits. Gold is used for a number of things, you can use it to order cars and parts in the Dealership, you have a higher chance to get rare cars and parts. When there is a event on there is usually a car pack you can buy that contains cars with extra points bonus for the current event. The last thing you can do with Gold is buy Consumables.
Tokens Car tokens are used to purchase duplicates of cars you already have. You can obtain Car tokens by trading in cars you have and by reaching a certain rank or VP amount in Special events.
Garage material

Garage material

Garage Materials are used for purchasing new garage backgrounds. Each garage costs 1000 Materials apart from the first featured garage which is 500 Materials. Sometimes there are sales for garages which they are 30%, 40% or 50% off. Gold can also be used if you do not have enough Materials, 1 Gold for 1 Material.