100 gas
100 Gas Tanks  100 Gas Tanks can be used to refill 100 gas of your total amount of gas. 100 Gas tanks can be awarded from winning in Survival races, Determined Bosses in the second stage of a Boss battle (x10). You can win x5 100 Gas tanks for winning a small amount of races in the prize menu; 100 Gas tanks cannot be purchased with gold.
S gas
Small Gas Tanks  Small Gas Tanks can be used to refill 50% of your total amount of gas. Small Gas Tanks can be won after races as a random drop. They are often rewarded in ranked special events as well; Small Gas Tanks cannot be purchased with gold.
L gas
Large Gas Tanks  Large Gas Tanks can be used to refill 100% of your total amount of gas. Large Gas Tanks cannot be won from races or drops. They can only be bought in a few bundles or on their own. Large Gas Tanks cost 75 gold for one and 750 gold for the 11 pack.
Nitrous Tanks Nitrous tanks can be used in a race to gain an boost of speed; a maximum of three can be used per race.Nitrous tanks can be bought and won from races.
Spirits drink
Spirit Booster Spirit Boosters are a special consumable that only appears in Time Attack events. This consumable can only be used in the Time Attack event. It starts the user off with the spirit boost; on every excellent drift the spirit increases the speed of your car. Anything less than excellent makes you lose the Spirit Boost but you can get it back on the next corner if you score an excellent.
Team Cheering Megaphone

(A.K.A Free or Paid Horn) 

Horns are used only in Team Battle Royale events, they are used to give your team a x1.5 points bonus for 5 minutes and can be stacked up to last for the whole round. There are Blue and Gold Horns but they act the same, the difference is that the Gold one can be bought during the event while the Blue ones expire after 24 hours if not used. The Gold horns do not expire, even when there is not a TBR event.
Downgrade Ticket
Downgrade Ticket This ticket allows you to downgrade your car to a lower rarity. Instead of actually downgrading your current car this acts the same as tokens but in the opposite way, you buy a lower rarity version of a car of your choosing.
Parts ticket
Parts Upgrade Ticket This ticket allows you to instantly apply the parts to your car that are currently installing to avoid waiting. They cost 10 gold from the Shop.
Garage Storage These are not exactly consumables but these are bought from the shop and give you 5 extra slots in your car storage. Car storage unlocks after reaching level 100. These cost 100 gold each from the Shop and you can have a maximum of 58.