Area 6 Bosses

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  1. Jun The Angelic | Toyota SUPRA RZ JZA80 | Power: 639 (5☆++)
  2. Izumi The Popstar | Mazda RX-7 FD3S | Power: 638 (5☆++)
  3. Dr. Soichi | Mitsubishi LANCER Evolution X CZ4A | Power: 644 (5☆++)
  4. Kamikaze Toru | Honda NSX-R NA2 | Power: 663 (5☆)
  5. The Emperor (50% Power) | Nissan GT-R R35 | Power: 721 (6☆++) // The Emperor (Full Power) | Nissan GT-R R35 | Power: 721 (6☆++) (increased difficulty, FINAL BOSS)

Area 6 Basic Stage Information

Tsuchinoko Pass (1-10 Battle Forward)


Tsuchinoko Pass consists 7 corners, with 4 being short and 3 being long; nitrous is critical here. Using nitrous after the first and second corners is a recommended choice but the third and fourth corners are sharp, so watch your speed and time your entries and exits carefully. Using nitrous after the fifth corner will bring you to yet another set of sharp corners, so timing will be essential yet again.

Tsuchinoko Pass (11-20 Battle Reverse)


This is the track you will race The Emperor on and your car will be in the right lane. The first set of corners can break your run very easily if your timing is off. The third and sixth corner must be at excellent or Spirits level as they are major points for your car to slow down. Achieving excellent all around is the high priority, as one slip up can result in failure. Nitrous points are very different with the Reverse track; spreading out the nitrous will leave you in the dust, so they must be executed consecutively. Using nitrous after a rocket start will give your car a massive kick. Nitrous after the second corner is also crucial to keep up with the opponent. Nitrous after the fifth corner will be the gap creator, as no other car will use nitrous there.

Tsuchinoko Pass - What to Do / Not Do

To win in this Area, your car must have at least 660. 680-700 Power will pull you through easier. Upgrade your car as much as possible and use the affinity level to your advantage. Swapping cars just to pass this stage may be your only choice if your car is nowhere near close to that power range.


WARNING! There are spoilers to the story in these 2 videos. These videos can serve as a guide though to defeating The Emperor. Exercise caution when watching if you want to avoid spoilers.

Drift Spirits - The Emperor -Part 1-

Drift Spirits - The Emperor -Part 1-

Drift Spirits - The Emperor -Part 2-

Drift Spirits - The Emperor -Part 2-