Area 5 Bosses

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  1. The Spade | Subaru IMPREZA WRX STI GRB | Power: 622 (5☆)
  2. The Diamond | Toyota 2000GT MF10 | Power: 587 (5☆)
  3. The Club | Mitsubishi GTO Z16A | Power: 653 (5☆++)
  4. The Heart | Nissan SKYLINE Coupe CKV36 | Power: 671 (5☆)
  5. The Emperor (Masked Form) | Nissan GT-R R35 | Power: 673 (6☆++) // The Joker (Unmasked Form!) | Nissan GT-R R35 | Power: 673 (6☆++) (increased difficulty)

Area 5 Basic Stage Information

Kagetora Pass (1-10 Battle Forward)


Kagetora Pass consists of 6 corners, with the first and second corner being the longest ones. Use of nitrous after the first and second corners is very useful, with the final tank of nitrous best used after the fifth corner since the last corner is nearly straight. The fifth corner changes the camera dramatically, so the exit will be hard to time correctly. Excellent drifts on this Pass are the most crucial element, as anything lower will result in big speed losses.

Kagetora Pass (11-20 Battle Reverse)


Kagetora Pass Reverse can throw you off easily with the second corner now being one of the most crucial corners. Nitrous after a rocket start can either increase or decrease distance between you and your opponent. Bad timing in the second corner can destroy a run; nitrous should be mostly saved for after the fourth and fifth corners. Any drifts lower than excellent will slow you down drastically and will destroy your victory.

Kagetora Pass - What to Do / Not Do

Your car's affinity level and power matter a lot here, as achieving Spirits will pull you through easily. Your car's power should be at least within 600-620; more power will result in easier victories. Acceleration will be your main make or break point, as the bosses have cars with high Acceleration.

The Heart will be your toughest opponent, so time your nitrous points carefully. It's critical that you remember where the best points for nitrous are, or you'll lose a lot to the bosses.