Area 4 Bosses

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  1. Kanzaburo The Rook | Mazda Mazdaspeed Atenza GG3P | Power: 565 (5☆)
  2. Tadahiko The Playboy | Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34 | Power: 568 (5☆)
  3. Carsick Kazuhito | Subaru Legacy B4 BM9 | Power: 566 (5☆++)
  4. Arata The Red | Honda INTEGRA TYPE-R DC5 | Power: 571 (5☆++)
  5. Dr. Soichi | Mitsubishi LANCER Evolution X CZ4A | Power: 608 (5☆) // Dr. Soichi (Mad POWER!) | Mitsubishi LANCER Evolution X CZ4A | Power: 608 (5☆) (increased difficulty)

Area 4 Basic Stage Information

Minosawa Pass (1-10 Battle Forward)


Minosawa Pass consists of 4 corners, with the second corner being the longest one. To make up for this, the straights are long between each corner. Nitrous is best used after the first corner, second corner and fourth corner. Timing the entrance of the second corner is crucial, as your car will dramatically slow down if you don't achieve an excellent entry.

Minosawa Pass (11-20 Battle Reverse)

Minosawa Pass Reverse has the longest corner as the third corner; it'll make or break your run. Scoring an excellent on the entry is crucial, for anything lower than excellent will slow your car dramatically. Nitrous is perfect for use after a rocket start and after exiting the third corner. The straight after the third corner is crucial for creating a gap, so it use to your advantage.

Minosawa Pass - What to Do / Not Do

Your car's power is very important here. Ranging it within 580-600 will pull you through this Area; you need to constantly upgrade your car. Make sure you balance the Power & Handling, as an unbalanced car can perform badly on intense corners.

Using nitrous while drifting through the longest corner is a massive mistake. It may appear to help but it will dramatically slow down your car.