Area 3 Bosses

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  1. Alice The Mystical | Nissan SILVIA spec.R S15 | Power: 526 (4☆+)
  2. Misao The Spy | Toyota Celica XX 2800GT MA61 | Power: 535 (5☆)
  3. Tomomi The Manager | Nissan Fairlady Z Z34 | Power: 550 (5☆)
  4. Amane The Valet | Subaru Alcyone SVX CMD | Power: 557 (4☆++)
  5. Izumi The Popstar | Mazda RX-7 FD3S | Power: 580 (5☆++) // Izumi The Popstar (Speed Buster Mode!) | Mazda RX-7 FD3S | Power: 580 (5☆++) (increased difficulty)

Area 3 Basic Stage Information

Yosegi Pass (1-10 Battle Forward)


It's all about flow; Yosegi Pass is a Pass that consist of seven drift corners. This is where Passes rely more on skill and knowledge of track. Passes that consist of a lot of drift corners seem to have less significant straight sectors; this makes the overall flow of the Pass very important for success. Getting excellent drifts is very important on this Pass to keep the speed up on the straights. It's important to remember that the second, third, fifth and sixth corners are relatively short; these corners also separate longer drift corners. So the shorter corners are difficult to keep the flow going. 

Pay particular attention on the sixth drift corner. Because of it's short bendy nature, when you get a excellent at the start, be prepared to release pretty fast (short tap delay). Try to have nitro for the last corner before the finish just in case you don't make it through corner five and six smoothly.

Yosegi Pass (11-20 Battle Reverse)


On the Reverse Yosegi Pass, we have a long straight so rocket start is crucial. The first drift corner is long so make sure you enter the corner with a excellent and also exit with a excellent for the following short corners. Pass knowledge is important here to have the tap delay down to land excellent; pay attention because it's tricky with the pace change. Don't mess up here because you lose a lot of speed in this section if it's not done correctly.

The seventh and last drift corner is also totally different now; because of the high speed you will have when entering the last corner having high handling is important to not deviate from the perfect drift line (upgrade your tires).

Nitro use after rocket start is a great strategy, also in the fourth corner and immediately on the straight after the sixth corner.

Yosegi Pass - What to Do / Not Do

So by now, you should realize that leveling your car is important; I hope you stuck with one car to get that affinity level up to get spirits (rumors say that you have a chance to get spirits from level 10).

You would want your car to have a overall power of around 530-540. The higher the better so upgrade your battle weapon as much as possible.

Make upgrading Nitro parts a priority from now on for the battles with the Determined Phases of the stage bosses, because they also use nitrous.