Area 2 Bosses

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  1. Groovy Masaya | Mazda RX-7 Savanna FC3S | Power: 497 (4☆)
  2. Slowhands Shigeru | Subaru IMPREZA WRX STI Version VI GC8 | Power: 511 (4☆)
  3. Gen The Spartan | Mitsubishi LANCER Evolution V CP9A | Power: 513 (4☆)
  4. Sato The Artist | Honda S2000 AP1 | Power: 516 (4☆)
  5. Jun The Angelic | Toyota SUPRA RZ JZA80 | Power: 518 (4☆++) // Jun The Angelic (High Streak!) | Toyota SUPRA RZ JZA80 | Power: 518 (4☆)++ (increased difficulty)

Area 2 Basic information

Saotome Pass (1-10 Battle Forward)


Saotome Pass consists of six drift corners ranging from short to long. The first two corners after the start are short, so the use of nitro after a rocket start can counteract the speed loss if you don't get a excellent drift on the first corner. This is not a recommended method because if the second corner is not an excellent drift (which is harder to do because of the pace change), you can end up losing a lot more speed. The second known method is practicing timing for corner one and two and then using nitro on the exit of corner two. This should be considered when doing time attacks on Saotome based on your skills. The next important spot on Saotome is corner four; it's one of the longest corners on Saotome, which penalizes you if you don't get an excellent on the entrance of the corner. Nitro is most effective when used on the fourth and fifth corner.

Saotome Pass (11-20 Battle Reverse)


On the Reverse of Saotome Pass, the first three corners are long corners. Your goal is to time these corners and hit excellent on all. Because of their long nature, anything less than excellent will result in loss of speed and makes it difficult to catch up if you don't hit excellent on every corner afterwards. Since the fourth to sixth corners are short, it's better to use nitro after the rocket start, second and third corner for it to be most effective; creating a gap is important here.

Saotome Pass - What to Do / Not Do

From this point on, the enemies' strength increase greatly; from now on, try to strengthen your car as much as possible. This is where that car affinity comes in to play.

Make sure to have good tires and a balanced car because in the short corners, if your car has too much speed, it'll grind on the side of the track, resulting in a loss of speed. It also can happen in the long corners so pay attention on this.

The courses are going to get more complicated from now on so pay attention and it's important to memorize the Pass and where the best spots are to use nitro. Don't forget that forward and reverse are different and nitrous use is performed on different corners.