Area 1 Bosses

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  1. Afro Hiroshi | Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 | Power: 429 (3☆)
  2. DJ Saigo | Mazda RX-8 SE3P | Power: 457 (4☆)
  3. Masuji The Dragon | Honda CIVIC TYPE-R EK9 | Power: 487 (4☆)
  4. Turban Ken | Mitsubishi LANCER Evolution III CE9A | Power: 491 (4☆)
  5. Kamikaze Toru (King Of Area 1) | Subaru BRZ ZC6 | Power: 483 (4☆) // Kamikaze Toru (Determined) | Subaru BRZ ZC6 | Power: 483 (4☆) (increased difficulty)

Area 1 Basic Stage Information

Ashigara Pass (1-10 Battle Forward)


Ashigara Pass consists of three drift corners; two long and one short. The first and second corners are quite easy as it grants enough time to set up your timing to get an excellent drift. The third and last corner is a little more difficult because of its length so it may be difficult to set up a excellent drift. The third corner can often cause you to win if you time the exit well, due to the long straight to the finish. If you perform a poor drift at the ending of this corner, you'll receive a drastic loss in power, which is bad for the straightway before the finish. So concentration and good timing at the last corner is vital.

Ashigara Pass (11-20 Battle Reverse)


Ashigara Pass Reverse is not as tricky as Ashigara Pass Forward due to the short corner being the first corner now. But the change does bring difficulties as well; now the last corner is the longest, so your entrance can determine a loss or win. It's important to go in this corner strong. In the boss battle, where you use nitro is vital on this pass.

Ashigara Pass - What to Do / Not Do

Since the Area 1 enemies' level and combat power are low, Area 1 makes a perfect practice stage. Take this opportunity to learn about your car. Practice rocket launching and the timing to get excellent drifts based on the length of your car.

Preservation of nitro is important here, so don't go spraying nitro randomly. Because the enemies are so weak, Area 1 gives you the chance to save up nitro canisters for later in the game. Try to save as much nitrous tanks as possible. You only have to beat each opponent; you don't need to make great times in this Area.

Area 1 is also great for improving your car(s) and parts. You not only get order tickets from the bosses but if you're lucky, you'll get some sweet parts and cars from those tickets. Also, make sure you have the car you want to use for a while so you can take advantage of the affinity points you get.